Burst Organic Beauty Bar brings the freshest and purest beauty care to the market. When it came to mind, it was the most Bursting idea we've come up with. Because it's all about you. Yes, you. That is why we'll leave the introductions for just a bit later (scroll) and start with why you are reading this at all and why Burst is Burst.

We are all in the cosmetic industry. The natural cosmetic industry (scroll down to read more about who we are). Everywhere you go, you see products issued for you, but iit's tough to find the right one. We're not even talking about finding the right natural product, because those are scarce. What Brust brings you is unique...The patent pending idea is really a Burst in the industry. Burst brings forth an array of facial care, body care, hair care, and aromatherapy that is cooked just for you, using the freshest vegetables, juices, herbs and 100% natural fruit oils. And you pick the ingredients off our coffee shop like menus. It goes something like this...

With a Natural preservation system that is patent pending, Burst Organic Beauty Bar is solely run on 100% natural ingredients. That means no:

Mineral Oil
and everything you really shouldn't eat

Fresh bases are prepared on a daily basis, with fruits, enzymes, extracts and oils added right as you pick off the menu. With the cosmetic industry at a billion dollar high and the intense green movement, Burst brings women a chance to really use what they want and need, not only what they are sold. So go on...Check out the menu, and get your Burst on!

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